Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cute cute cute

I bought my first item on etsy! I got it in the mail today and had to share. The picture is courtesy of the preppy peach but it doesn't even do the hat justice. I ordered it for the new little guy and I'm so in love with it that I'm going to order a matching one for every color :)

I can't wait to take pictures of our new little guy!!! You have to check out Lori's beautiful work!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter?! Oops forgot to blog

Cute story to start my post - I just put Colin to bed. He lifted up my shirt to look at my belly and he started rubbing it very gently. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was rubbing his baby brother's back!!!!

So I haven't even posted Easter yet... I got a new lens for Christmas and I decided to play with it on Easter for the first time. BIG mistake. All my pictures turned out blurry :( - glad I didn't use it the whole day...

Here is Colin Easter morning...

The weekend of Easter, we went to my parent's house to decorate eggs and the annual bunny cake. Our cousins, Debbie and Ron were in town visiting. They are the MOST patient, kind, loving people I know. They even brought an Easter basket for their 21 year old son (he goes to school here and they live in NY)

Here are Grandpa and Colin decorating an egg

Baby Ron taking over and helping Colin

Easter day: We had brunch at Justin's parents house. I didn't get any pictures because.... well I was too busy eating if you must know! Grandma and Grandpa Rick spoiled Colin and got him a play wagon FILLED with all sorts of goodies. Then we went to my parent's to get spoiled some more with a basket and Easter egg hunt. Colin needs to start an IRA with the loot he made in his eggs.

So that's Easter for ya. I have WAY more pictures but for some reason it is taking a really long time to upload tonight so I'm calling it a post.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Did you know Lowe's offers free classes for little kids? I guess I was last to find this out - but I signed Colin up as soon as I found out!

What a great idea! Colin made his first bird house. He was sooooooo excited. He hammered just about every nail and is so excited to go back (we signed up for another one right before Mother's Day to make a planter)..... He is a natural...

**only problem - I can't stand birds.... hope this house doesn't mean I will have any

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diaper Cake

A week or so ago, I threw a baby shower. They are having a little boy and the theme was baseball. Literally, at the last second, I decided it was a great idea to make a diaper cake. Justin helped me with it because it was almost 11pm and I was too tired to hold diapers!
By the time I took a picture, it had been tossed around so much and it no longer looks like it did right after it was made.... sorry 'bout that.

I thought I would share the worst of my diaper cakes...

I'm updating...

Dear Blogger friends,

I am starting to redo my blog. I've been out of the blogging world for too long now. It's time I took down my Valentine's Day header and updated this little blog. So excuse the changes over the next few days! Look- my first change, I now have a signature :) So fun!!!! hehehe

Your blogging buddy,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear Baby of mine,

I had a dream 2 weeks ago - I was on a table getting an ultrasound and the tech announced it was a girl.

Ever since, I've been dreaming of bows and dresses... You were going to be Madelyn Elyse (Elyse after my sister-we agreed Lisa wasn't a good middle name, thanks Aunt Ann for giving Mary that middle name because I considered it for a first name for a long time) - or Emerson Elyse - or Mia Elyse ... But today, the ultrasound tech had something else to say...

It's a boy

It's a boy - did you hear me?

I still don't believe it. I have the 14000d picture to prove it - but really, that was such a vivid dream.

So I am shopping for matching newsie hats instead... This will be fun.

And little guy, you won't have a name until mommy and daddy stop disagreeing.... This may take a while :)


Your momma (there is nothing like the love of a little boy)