Wednesday, February 10, 2010

baby C and baby Z

I'm terrible at remembering to update my blog.

Let's play some catch-up, shall we?
Carter turned 4 months old in January! Oh 4 months with this little guy...

Here's an update:

* He started talking and cooing out loud.
* Smiles all the time
* Loves watching Colin and any other little person who is willing to act goofy
* Started sleeping in his CRIB! Finally... I take the blame for that one. He just started sleeping in our room and I never made him go to his own room.
* Rolled over from belly to back
* His 4 month check-up he was 16lbs, 25 inches
* Wears a size 6 months
* Eats 6oz every 3-4 hours
* Sleeps from 7:30pm-3:30am, 4:00am-6:30am
* Naps - about an hour around 9:30am, 2-3 hours at 1:00pm
* Oh and he just reminded me.... he started screaming and then laughing afterwards

We had another little fella join the family this month. Justin's brother and wife welcomed little Zachary on the 17th. He is such a cute little guy. I went last week and took some pictures and he was great.... until I suggested a curled up naked baby shot... oops. Zac is a little modest and hated the very thought. Bad for baby, great for aunt. I got to snuggle with him and feed him a bottle! Here is the little (big) guy...