Saturday, January 9, 2010


It has been really cold and snowy lately. We really haven't done too much. Justin's birthday was the 5th. We celebrated with his family last Sunday. I only took one picture of Uncle Matt and Carter - I told myself I would start taking more pictures and I didn't.

Notice Carter's 1 mitten? He sucks his hand and he popped a blister. Poor guy! We have been keeping it clean and dry. That was all I could think of to keep him from eating a bandaid.

We couldn't be more excited. Uncle Matt and Aunt Sara are expecting their first baby. She is due.... tomorrow!!! It's a boy. It is the first cousin for Colin and Carter on Justin's side. I am so excited for them. They are naturals and will be great parents.

So it has been snowy and cold here. Justin and Colin have been taking care of the outside. Here is Colin out in the driveway. He was helping shovel when I ran out, snapped a fast picture and ran like heck back in the house.

Justin's brother is taking Colin to Monster Jam tonight. I asked Colin if he wanted to go with Uncle Todd tonight and he started jumping up and down. The last time we took him to Monster Truck Nationals it wasn't the best experience. He cried and was scared so we watched it on the tv screen in a lounge. Todd has been warned. Colin told me this morning that is isn't 3 anymore and his 4 year old ears won't hurt. Justin is out now getting new ear plugs. Thanks Uncle Todd! Hope you are ready :)