Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter?! Oops forgot to blog

Cute story to start my post - I just put Colin to bed. He lifted up my shirt to look at my belly and he started rubbing it very gently. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was rubbing his baby brother's back!!!!

So I haven't even posted Easter yet... I got a new lens for Christmas and I decided to play with it on Easter for the first time. BIG mistake. All my pictures turned out blurry :( - glad I didn't use it the whole day...

Here is Colin Easter morning...

The weekend of Easter, we went to my parent's house to decorate eggs and the annual bunny cake. Our cousins, Debbie and Ron were in town visiting. They are the MOST patient, kind, loving people I know. They even brought an Easter basket for their 21 year old son (he goes to school here and they live in NY)

Here are Grandpa and Colin decorating an egg

Baby Ron taking over and helping Colin

Easter day: We had brunch at Justin's parents house. I didn't get any pictures because.... well I was too busy eating if you must know! Grandma and Grandpa Rick spoiled Colin and got him a play wagon FILLED with all sorts of goodies. Then we went to my parent's to get spoiled some more with a basket and Easter egg hunt. Colin needs to start an IRA with the loot he made in his eggs.

So that's Easter for ya. I have WAY more pictures but for some reason it is taking a really long time to upload tonight so I'm calling it a post.


Mary said...

Yay! You updated! :)

Sounds like it was a fun Easter. More pictures, please! And where are your preggo pics????!!!!

Kate said...

Oh Mary - you crack me up... Preggo pics. lol. Oh pictures of my big ol booty for the entire internet to see... :) Maybe I will take a quick picture - we'll see how it turns out... Maybe you'll get a preggo pic in your private email instead :)