Friday, May 8, 2009

Do I have to think of a title?!

It's been quite a week - our refrigerator started pouring out water! We have towels around it waiting for my dad to come take a peek today. Justin asked me yesterday how I felt about a new refrigerator for Mother's Day. I asked how he felt about a new stove for Father's Day. Ahhh - I hate appliances :)

We visited the zoo a few weeks ago on a beautiful day. We had to renew our membership and so we met Justin's friend and his family for a day out. We rushed and rushed to get there on time and they ended up being very late!! ha. So it was just us for the majority of the day.

Colin is obsessed with sharks. He would rather watch anything on National Geographic than watch age appropriate cartoons. Shark week is his favorite week of the year. Look at how happy he is....

And what's the zoo without a ride or two... he LOVED the swings and told us they were his favorite...

so I pretend to love the zoo for Colin and Justin. They both ask every weekend to go... Am I the only one that doesn't like walking around to look at smelly animals?

Well our little town got a Meijer... This is the most exciting thing since... well since Kohl's opened :) Colin and I are about to run and check it out!


Kristina P. said...

Shark Week is totally amazing!

Mary said...

Love that swing picture! So cute!

I hate the zoo, but only when it's above 70 degrees.

I love Kohl's! They have great shoes.

Bee and Rose said...

Your photo is fantastic! What a great memory!

I remember when Kohl's came to Springboro! lol! It was a huge deal! Enjoy Meijers! I loved shopping there when I lived in OH!