Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr Appointment

I just had my ultrasound. Our baby is a cutie!! Here's the scoop:

* He's still a he
* He's breech
* He'll be around 7lbs.
* He has a big belly and torso (75th percentile)
* I will most likely have him on September 12th or September 14th. My dr said he might be on call the weekend of the 12th. If not, he'll take me for a c-section on Monday the 14th.

And the best news of the day.... he's healthy and doing great!


Mary said...

That's great news! I'll be going in on the 15th!

Kate said...

How crazy!!! I can't believe it might be only a day... I thouht having Emma and Colin 6 or so weeks apart was close!