Thursday, November 20, 2008

dear santa,

I am not going to ask for that much for Christmas. My list is fairly average.

These are in no particular order...

1. a new dishwasher - I took my good friend, Anonymous, advice and checked for plastic, metal, food - just about everything on the heater part of the dishwasher... nothing. I may get Vegas (the dog) outta there and run the thing and hope to get a new house with 1000 extra square feet... Haha... I am not dumb, I don't want coal this year... Muhahahahaha- no pun intended.

2. 1000 extra square feet. My 3ft son takes up more space than his father and I do. Kids come with crap - nobody told me that in my parenting classes.

3. A personal chef and nanny for the days I feel like watching reruns of 90210 in my jammies.

4. A new vehicle. The wrecked Rodeo is on its last leg. In fact, we are currently fighting. The piece of crud will be paid off in 1, 2 or 3 more payments (I can't remember) and we've put so much money into it already. The foot heater part doesn't work and I wear heels everyday - my feet are ice. The emergency brake light has been on all week and now the ABS light just came on this morning. We just got new brakes a few months ago. The squeaking when I drive is tolerable but the rest isn't. Don't get me started on my LEASED Honda. You know the one that is 3 years old (happy birthday last week happy Honda) just got new tires, needs brakes and has over 70k miles on it... I mentioned it was a lease, right? Justin driving 2 hours each way to work is gonna cost us more than he makes in a year. Perhaps if you have room in that sleigh, we'd like 2 new cars.

5. An organizing fairy to solve all of my dysfunctions. One that changes light bulbs that have been out for 3 years (in the garage, by spiderwebs - neither of us are going there). Someone that will put my summer clothes in bins on an organized shelving system in my basement. A fairy that will make my junk drawer disappear because organized people don't have junk.

6. Lipo. Need I say more?

When we were kids my mom had this terrible (if you're reading this mom, I meant to type terrific) sweatshirt that read, "Dear Santa, I want it all" - I guess that pretty much sums up my list.

If there's room, I really want a new lens for Nick Jr (everything in my life has a nick name, even my camera - my dad's camera is named Nick so that's why my camera is a Jr). I'd also like that WS bake ware, a week in the 70's not 20's, new couches and an all expense paid ski vacation). Justin only wants what makes me happy. Now get those elves to work :)

hugs n kisses,

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Kristina P. said...

Thhis sounds like a perfectly small, reasonable list to me.