Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Colin and I had a great conversation in the car last night...

Mommy: Did you tell Nana to "shut up" today?
Colin: I did but I so sorry, Momma. Nana was mad at me.
M: We do NOT say that, Colin. Do you understand?
C: Whatever

At the grocery story...

C: Oh no, momma. Where's my blue race car cart?
M: Someone is using it - the store must be busy.
C: But I want it. I don't want to sit in the cart, I want to walk instead.
M: Nope, sorry buddy. You have to get in the cart because someone could grab you and run away with you and leave me really sad... (insert drama)
C: Whatever

What the... EVERY.SINGLE.THING was "whatever" last night. It was driving me nuts. I called Justin and he laughed and said Colin got it from me.... Whatever.

I guess I say that a lot. I use it as my "filler" when I don't know what else to say. I watched the election results start rolling in last night. I heard PA went to Obama and I literally turned off the tv, said "whatever" and went to bed.

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