Monday, December 1, 2008

decorating day

We decorated the entire house all day Saturday. We woke up early and Justin washed the floors for me (the last chore before we began)... Justin spent the ENTIRE afternoon outside decorating.

I cheated just a tad - the empty tree was staring at me and begging me to hang just a few ornaments. My mom and Nana give Colin an ornament each year. It reflects something about the year - last year he got Thomas and Percy the train ornaments (he rode on a train at "day out with thomas") the year before that he got a John Deere ornament (he loves tractors) - his first year was an ornament that said "baby's first Christmas".... So anyway, he saw the tractor and train ornaments and it was all over.... Justin walked inside and said "I thought we were all going to decorate the tree" - oops... I was too excited :)

my shelf - You can see my J-O-Y letters I made :)

stairs - I need more berries and apples but this will do until I get to JoAnn's again...

(imagine a picture of the outside here)

so Justin spent the entire day outside - the lights are beautiful... all white light with red tree trunks, my favorite kind of decor... We put the timer outside and came home after dark last night. We thought the timer was a dud since the house was dark... After an hour in the cold rain, Justin figured out we have to re-do the plug-in situation... So hopefully by the 24th it will be back up!!!


Kristina P. said...

Everything looks so great and festive! I love the bookshelf.

blueviolet said...

You know what, I am feeling totally inadequate with my decorating after having seen your Christmas loveliness.