Monday, December 8, 2008

The Zoo

The Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo - recap
* 24 degree temperature
* two toddlers in wagons
* FREEZING cold mom(s) complaining (that would be Lisa and I)
* Our financial planner hosting an animal display, cookies, hot chocolate and family fun (Thanks, Craig - it was a great time) (as if Craig reads this - I know Ash will - so thanks, Ashley)
* Beautiful LED lights
* The end.

Colin (cookie on face) and Megan (cookie in hand) inside getting their free snack groove on

I had one suggestion for Mr. Jack Hanna - where is the dome? Indoor zoo - now that's a million dollar idea. I searched and searched for a suggestion box but couldn't find one.

We got a group picture on some pretty sled - of course the printer broke when it started printing my pic so they gave us our money back - but sorry - no "professional" zoo picture in this post.


Kristina P. said...

Hey, we went to the Zoo Lights on Saturday too! Yours look much cooler.

Although, they did have these deep fried Smores things. Delicious.

Oh, and I kept looking for inappropriate animal lights. You know, like having the animals accidentally doing naughty things. I couldn't find any. :(

Kate said...

LOL! I didn't see any inappropriate lights either - I did see "will you marry me" in lights - I think someone scored some big points w/ that engagement :)

Schwartz Family said...

We are planning on going to the Zoo lights this weekend. I will post pictures to compare. I am sure the lights at yours are much better than at our little zoo.

Kimberly5 said...

wow that place with lights looks fantastic!!!!

great pictures :)

mcgrandits said...

Thanks for inviting me??