Thursday, November 27, 2008


So I know this is so last year - but I made these J-O-Y letters a few weeks ago. I found some cute Christmas paper at the scrapbook store and went to work... I painted the letters green and then added the paper and a bow. I sanded the edges just a bit and last night I put them on my big ladder shelf.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost here

Do you shop on Black Friday? If not, I suggest you get yourself an alarm clock, running shoes and pepper spray :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE black friday. I can't wait to get in fights, push people, yell, scream, cry and shop!!! If you need me Friday - meet me at 4am...

Monday, November 24, 2008

She stole my shirt

My sister read my blog, went to Wal-mart and then made a "bite me" t-shirt to wear to see Twilight. Can you believe she STOLE my idea?

Anyway - here is my professional review of Twilight.
I {HEART} TWILIGHT. Great movie - loved Edward... By the end, he starting looking STUDLY! Even his bright red lipstick -
Justin was VERY excited to hear my thoughts - he heard how horrible the reviews were and wanted my professional opinion...
I told him, "I wish you were a vampire" and that was it.
I give this flick 3 out of 5 stars - it takes a lot to get a full 5 in my book...
I took some twilight quiz too -

Twilight Test

Twilight Test from Dumb Spot!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vampires?! Really?!

So twilight comes out tomorrow. My sister seriously asked me to go at midnight. I considered the night of little sleep but decided to let the reviews sway my vote....

Associated Press:
The funny, lively banter -- the way in which Edward and Bella teased and toyed with one another about their respective immortality and humanity -- is pretty much completely gone, and all that's left is a slog of adolescent angst

Chicago Tribune:
On a simple but crucial matter of visual magic. Whenever something fantastic requires straightforward on-screen depiction, Twilight looks like a weaker episode from Season 6 of Charmed.

Entertainment Weekly:
On screen, Twilight is repetitive and a tad sodden, too prosaic to really soar. But Hardwicke stirs this teen pulp to a pleasing simmer

Not looking so hot...

To top it off, my sister wants to wear t-shirts that are handmade... When did she turn 14 again?

I guess I'll go... but I want a hot pink t-shirt that says "bite me" on it. I found one for her that said "Twerd - like nerd but only cooler" - That one is fitting for such a fanpire. Oh and by the way - apparently twerd is for twilight nerds - I googled it.

dear santa,

I am not going to ask for that much for Christmas. My list is fairly average.

These are in no particular order...

1. a new dishwasher - I took my good friend, Anonymous, advice and checked for plastic, metal, food - just about everything on the heater part of the dishwasher... nothing. I may get Vegas (the dog) outta there and run the thing and hope to get a new house with 1000 extra square feet... Haha... I am not dumb, I don't want coal this year... Muhahahahaha- no pun intended.

2. 1000 extra square feet. My 3ft son takes up more space than his father and I do. Kids come with crap - nobody told me that in my parenting classes.

3. A personal chef and nanny for the days I feel like watching reruns of 90210 in my jammies.

4. A new vehicle. The wrecked Rodeo is on its last leg. In fact, we are currently fighting. The piece of crud will be paid off in 1, 2 or 3 more payments (I can't remember) and we've put so much money into it already. The foot heater part doesn't work and I wear heels everyday - my feet are ice. The emergency brake light has been on all week and now the ABS light just came on this morning. We just got new brakes a few months ago. The squeaking when I drive is tolerable but the rest isn't. Don't get me started on my LEASED Honda. You know the one that is 3 years old (happy birthday last week happy Honda) just got new tires, needs brakes and has over 70k miles on it... I mentioned it was a lease, right? Justin driving 2 hours each way to work is gonna cost us more than he makes in a year. Perhaps if you have room in that sleigh, we'd like 2 new cars.

5. An organizing fairy to solve all of my dysfunctions. One that changes light bulbs that have been out for 3 years (in the garage, by spiderwebs - neither of us are going there). Someone that will put my summer clothes in bins on an organized shelving system in my basement. A fairy that will make my junk drawer disappear because organized people don't have junk.

6. Lipo. Need I say more?

When we were kids my mom had this terrible (if you're reading this mom, I meant to type terrific) sweatshirt that read, "Dear Santa, I want it all" - I guess that pretty much sums up my list.

If there's room, I really want a new lens for Nick Jr (everything in my life has a nick name, even my camera - my dad's camera is named Nick so that's why my camera is a Jr). I'd also like that WS bake ware, a week in the 70's not 20's, new couches and an all expense paid ski vacation). Justin only wants what makes me happy. Now get those elves to work :)

hugs n kisses,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No good very bad day

I watched little Megan last night and sat the two little ones at the table for some healthy snacks (not so much... remember I'm the fun aunt).

I was making dinner and turned on the dishwasher because I'm too lazy to wash the dinner dishes by hand.

I saw smoke - I assumed it was steam. I smelled burning - I assumed it was my dinner. I quickly realized - duh it was the dishwasher trying to burn my house down...

I opened it and a cloud of smoke filled my kitchen. I have no idea what happened. Do you think this is a minor problem? I really don't want to have to wash my dishes by hand. I'm spoiled. Anybody have any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Randomness

I apologize for my rant.

Update: I've been removed from cookie duty already. I think my MIL could smell my fear. Whatever the reason, I am off the hook. I will still make cutout cookies and a few others for Santa...

I was making my Christmas list and decided I still want new cookie sheets... I logged on to Williams Sonoma online. HOLY expensive cookie sheet, batman. $27. For one. Uno. Is this normal? Are all cookie sheets this much? I swear my Target ones were only $6. I am VERY tempted though. It has to be some magical cookie sheet to cost that much, right? I wonder if it puts itself in the oven for me? Perhaps it talks?! "Kate, your cookies are perfect. Come get us outta here." I bet it is one fabulous cookie sheet.

So I continued to browse around the website and I found these... I HAFTA have them...

For you non Williams-Sonoma shoppers out there, they are for pancakes. Genious. Why didn't I think of that sooner? There is this whole world of cooking/baking that I didn't know existed. I must say, I think I may actually visit the store. In person. Alone. Justin, watch out... My Christmas list just got a little more interesting.

images courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Monday, November 10, 2008

Holiday fun

I'm so excited for the big holiday season, I decided to start my decorating a wee bit early. Justin still won't let me put the tree up so I've come up with a plan to hold me off.
Tomorrow morning I am headed to every Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn's in Columbus (and surrounding areas) to make the most of my Christmas obsession.
I'm going to attempt this (but obviously a "c" instead):

image courtesy of ballard designs

if this doesn't turn out (kinda like my fabric pumpkins) - we'll never speak of this again.


Dear faithful readers,

I had dinner at my in laws last night. My MIL can't do her holiday baking this year and passed the torch on to me. I'm scared. This woman bakes enough for the army and now it's on my shoulders. HELP. How do you bake??? ha.

So, my question - What the heck do I make? I will obviously make cut-outs and yes, I will use tweezers and toothpicks to decorate them! If anyone has any recipes or websites that are a PROVEN hit, pass it on to me!

I'm planning on baking on the 13th and 14th. So please hurry!!! AND if you want to come help, this is your formal invitation.

Baker Kate

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Slumber Par-tay

I'm watching the cutest little girl tonight! Her drama momma is getting her wisdom teeth out in the morning. I'm pretty sure Lisa thinks she will be out of it for quite a while (or on a mini vacation) because she sent her daughter with a FULL suitcase and a BOX of diapers. Megan, welcome to the C family. The painters arrive tomorrow to paint your new room. Ha.

I'm typing away listening to Justin read to Megan and Colin in our bed. They are so excited when he describes all the trucks in the book. They are all snuggled in one bed, hanging on every word. Too cute.

I'm going to join the fun!

Best Buddies


Colin and I had a great conversation in the car last night...

Mommy: Did you tell Nana to "shut up" today?
Colin: I did but I so sorry, Momma. Nana was mad at me.
M: We do NOT say that, Colin. Do you understand?
C: Whatever

At the grocery story...

C: Oh no, momma. Where's my blue race car cart?
M: Someone is using it - the store must be busy.
C: But I want it. I don't want to sit in the cart, I want to walk instead.
M: Nope, sorry buddy. You have to get in the cart because someone could grab you and run away with you and leave me really sad... (insert drama)
C: Whatever

What the... EVERY.SINGLE.THING was "whatever" last night. It was driving me nuts. I called Justin and he laughed and said Colin got it from me.... Whatever.

I guess I say that a lot. I use it as my "filler" when I don't know what else to say. I watched the election results start rolling in last night. I heard PA went to Obama and I literally turned off the tv, said "whatever" and went to bed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Did you?
Waiting in line to vote - 1hr 30min
Listening to uneducated chatter from people in line behind me - 1hr
Having a last name that begins with "C" causing me extra wait time - 30 minutes
voting for the new American President (because my vote was all that was needed) - timeless

Monday, November 3, 2008

Shark Attack


Colin was one killer shark. He got outside, played with his trucks and then begged to take off his costume! He just wasn't in the mood to beg for goodies. After about an hour, we took off the costume and he handed out candy. He did manage to ride his tractor 2 doors down to get a piece of candy to put in the trailer. He had a great time talking to the babies that strolled up and admiring the boys in Thomas outfits! Maybe next year?!