Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The C Family Open

who: The C family (Grandpa Rick, Gramma, Uncle Matt, Aunt Sara, Uncle Todd, Courtney)
when: last Saturday night
what: wii and ping pong family tournament
where: our casa
why: because they are one competitive bunch... thank goodness I married in and don't take competition seriously... ha

The night started out like any other family gathering.... we hung out around the food (ok I did)... ham, homemade mac-n-cheese (get us a recipe Matt and Sara - it was YUM), chips n dip, Matt's BLTA's (Avocado), sushi, buckeyes, fudge, angel food cake w/ strawberries.... I have to stop, I'm now starving....

Uncle Matt came prepared with "the brackets" - after seeing Colin's wii skills, he was added to the wii bowling competition.... Too bad he lost........ along with the rest of the family - I'm not bragging, I'm just recapping for journaling purposes....

check out who won... :)

Aunt Sara and Colin playing Wii

Grandma, Colin and Aunt Sara's arm

Grandpa Rick playing ping pong

Uncle Todd

Uncle Matt, bracketologist

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Bee and Rose said...

That makes me miss my game playing family back home in Ohio! Looks like it was fun!