Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching up

My sister yells at me when I don't update my blog. I am afraid of her, so I will be updating it a lot! It may be nothing but words, but I will do anything for my sister.

I'll update you on the past 14 weeks and 4 days... I'm still tired and hate food after 6pm. Meat is still making me feel "squeezy" (that's what my Nana calls it) and I'm obsessed with cucumbers. I can't get enough. I still haven't done a real grocery shopping trip and I never feel like doing laundry or cleaning the house. So really, everything is pretty normal! Ha.

I found a great website. We've been trying to get Colin to write his name and he LOVES playing school and doing worksheets - so I printed tracing sheets to help him learn to write his name.

My little boy left us again! I swear he goes on more trips. He left today to go to the family cabin. My parents took him and I'm driving up to NY on Friday. When he woke up this morning, he would not stop talking about Grandpa's trailer, tractor, cabin, woods, trees, old cabin, new cabin, blah blah blah. I shut the car door and I looked and his mouth was still flapping - he didn't care that I wasn't in the car to hear him!

My sister found out she is having a baby boy. I didn't care that I wouldn't find out what I'm having until June - but now that she knows, I kinda wanna know! I talked my cheap husband into going and finding out early at a strip mall ultrasound place (sounds worse than it is, I hope).. I called around and I have to wait another week to go. I'm not 100% sure we'll still be in the mood but I'll let you know. I did have my first dream and I was laying on the table and said "it's a girl" and a dr handed me a baby girl - but I was still pregnant. I don't care what it is - I'm just happy nobody died in my dream.

Ok so I guess I'm really boring. I haven't taken a single picture in weeks, I am hoping I will slowly get out of my funk and back to normal! And I'm not proofreading this post, hope I spelled everything correctly.


Kristina P. said...

I just love that you and Lisa are pregnant together.

Bee and Rose said...

My sister and I were pregnant together too! Our sons are three months apart and 13 years later are still the best of friends!

We missed you!