Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We took a trip to the cabin and Buffalo, NY over the weekend. It was a great time - and great food... chicken finger subs, Buffalo Pizza.... Colin had a GREAT time at the cabin taking walks, riding on the tractor, playing with his cousin Megan, roasting marshmallows... My dad has been really busy getting the new cabin all ready for our summer retreats - he built a new patio, put "benches" at the fire pit in the yard... If I took a single picture, I'd share. oops.

Our cousins Debbie and Ron kept us company at the cabin. I really can't explain how much we all love when they come to the cabin. Colin won't stop talking about Baby Ron and I love the advice Debbie gives when we are there. Really, they are the greatest and I love it when they come.

We have a surprise for Colin - we bought Monster truck Nationals tickets for this Saturday. I think he may pass out when we get there. We aren't telling him where we are going until we get there. I promise, I'll have the camera for that one.

I made an appointment with a local ultrasound place to tell us what we are having. Our appointment is Thursday. I'm not 100% sure we can go yet, I'm waiting on Justin to tell me if the time will work with his schedule. If all goes well, by 6pm on Thursday - we will know if we are having a boy or girl. So far all 3 of us think the same so we'll see for sure! I will still get an ultrasound from my doctor but he waits until I'm 24 weeks to spill the beans...

BUT the place called me tonight asking if I minded a tech in training because the real tech is on vacation. She assured me if the tech in training couldn't tell, I could come back... Should I bother or should I wait until someone who knows what she is doing comes back?!?


OhioFamOf4 said...

I say you shouldn't find out at all. I've done both and I think it's more fun to be surprised. But if I had to guess I think you're having another boy.

Lana said...

How exciting! I want to take my son to a monster truck show. He would probably pee his pants if he ever got to go!

Bee and Rose said...

I would wait for the real tech:) (although our "real" tech thought Catherine was a boy because the cord was between her legs! lol!)