Thursday, March 19, 2009

Using the net

I'm using the Internet today. I'm taking full advantage of the number of people that read my blog (all 3 of

I have this cousin... He is a husband, father, son, cousin, uncle, brother, grandson - you get the point. When I was younger, "little Jimmy" used to come babysit. He was so strict and a little scary! Don't EVER tell him, but I actually liked when he came over. He brought his sweet girlfriend - my favorite part. She is now his wife and always has the cutest purse!!

Little Jimmy is having surgery today. The doctors are optimistic that they will get the cancer. Jimmy has a beautiful son, a wonderful wife and a great family. I'm asking everyone that is willing to say a little prayer for him today - I know his sister in heaven is watching over him but I just want to make sure God hears all of us today.

So Little Jimmy, I guess my secret is out - I didn't hate when you babysat, I actually looked forward to it... cringe :) And now that I'm grown up, I look forward to seeing your little family every chance I get!