Thursday, January 8, 2009


Justin's birthday was Monday. We drove home from the cabin and planned on going to dinner... He just wasn't in the mood so we ordered in and hung out at home. He is the best husband ever... I went out to find his gift (I know it was his birthday - we had a HARD time finding what he wanted) and he cleaned the kitchen and started the laundry while I was gone! What a guy!

He finally found his gift on Tuesday after his massage (see I got him a Christmas gift - haha) - We spent all Tuesday night playing, last night we watched his parents play - and now that everyone is napping - I think I might go play)

Happy Birthday, Justin. I am glad you were born :)

and I'm glad you let me win at fishing the other night - my self esteem was down the tubes

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Cammie said...

Hi! Im hitting all the Ohio blogs on BSU and I wanted to say hello. Im in Columbus also!