Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday... Idol Edition

I always have lots to be thankful for... Especially since Idol is back! I'm thankful for the love AI bring out in people...

This is an actual conversation between a husband and his soon to be ex wife. haha

Justin: How can the family be there actually supporting these people?
Kate: I dunno... Love is deaf.
Justin: No it's not. I've heard you sing and trust me, if you wanted to try out for Idol, I would seriously not let you go embarrass yourself.
Justin: What?! Really, you'd make a fool out of yourself. Remember when you and your sister would "play Idol" after each episode and it was terrible?
Kate: .......
Justin: I'm not trying to be mean. All I'm saying is I can't believe some of these people support their family going to try out.
Kate: Let me hear you sing.
Justin: .......

How are we going to survive Idol now???? No singing along anymore... sniff.


Kristina P. said...

Aren't husbands wonderful?!?!

Bee and Rose said...

My husband actually freaked out when he found out auditions were in Scottsdale...(we live in Tucson..) "WHAT! Why didn't you tell me?" he screeched..."We could've gone up there!!!" I cackled my best evil laugh...." they can hear how great you are???? (more snorting and cackling...) "No, cause it's American Idol!" (huh???) "We might get to be on TV!" OMG, how old are you again???What a goofball! (oh, btw..he's 40! LOL!)


ps..very cool blog!

Bee and Rose said...

oh!! p.s. I grew up in Circleville...home of the Pumpkin Show!!!! I miss Ohio every day!

Thanks for following my blog! You rock!


Lana said...

I have a couple awards for you on my blog! Come get them! ☺

blueviolet said...

What does he know? Nothing, I tell you, nothing. You go on and sing!

Bee and Rose said...

And the winner is....YOU! Grab your tiara, million dollar diamonds and head to my bloggy! You have 2 awards waiting!


3 Little Snaps said...

OMG LOL LOVE! Same thing at my house...and now my 10 and 8 year old girls LOVE AI..they are stuck to it like glue and think everyone sounds wonderful!