Thursday, October 30, 2008


I read way too many blogs. Here are some things I've learned about blogging...

* Everyone is PERFECT. Seriously, perfect. And they are soooo grateful they are so perfect.
* A lot of people use photoshop.
* Every blogger eventually has a "give away". Trust me, I've considered this. I was going to put my doggy Vegas up as a give him away but my husband said shipping would cost too much. This brings me to my next point...
* Just about every blogger is in California, Utah or Arizona.
* They have blog awards. Seriously.
* Everyone has a "button" on their blog (I'm the blog exception - I'm a leader, not a follower)... Look on the side bars - some cute little graphic appears on these mega bloggers.
* Quiz - what is the point? I took one this morning and the Halloween candy that reflects my personality is a snickers. Thank you internet - you figured me out with just 2 questions. One of them was "what is your favorite candy bar?"

I just don't get the blog hoopla. I don't get it but I love it. I love blogging almost as much as I LOVE reality tv - btw, did anyone see what Johnny Bananas and Kenny did to Paula on the RW/RR Challenge last night? gasp. I hope they give her a heartfelt apology at the reunion. Oh and who did Paris vote off this week? I didn't see the episode and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the bestie announcement. I don't have time for LC talk either... but really, will Heidi get fired???

ok - I'm done for today! Gotta use my time wisely. Colin has a trick-or-treat bag that needs to be finished!!!!


Kristina P. said...

My blog fits 4 of those criteria.

Even though I am perfect, I try to not reflect that on my blog. ;)

LaDawn said...

Are you trying to say that not all bloggers are perfect?

I don't believe it. People wouldn't make up things about themselves online.