Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're off...

I head out tonight to my parent's new cabin (located next to the old cabin) to help them unload the big moving truck. Don't worry, I will most likely blog tomorrow for the both of you that read this thing (you know who you are)...

We have a lot of plans this weekend -
* get and treat frost bite
* ride on the tractor (woohoo)
* sit around complaining I am bored
* go to Jake's Rocks - oh wait - the high is 50, not 105.. I'm not going
* eat
* take pictures of Colin in the new puffy vest I got him from the Gap
* did I mention freeze?

I am very excited to go to "town" to take Colin to the Rail Museum! He'll be so excited!

hugs n kisses


Anonymous said...

Who else reads this? lol

Princess Kate said...

Just you and me!

temparoo said...

I noticed that you were reading seriously so blessed. Can you do me a favor and check my blog out too, I am trying to drum up some visits to my site. This week we have an unofficial interview with twilight author, Stephanie Meyers Prom date.

Sorry to bother you, and take care.