Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm home...deal with it

We are home from Florida. Like all of our vacations, it ended on a bad note. Justin informed me on our way home we will not visit Disney World ever again, we are now Disney Land people. I hope it is just as magical. But the rest of the time in Florida was fantabulous. Oh and Happy Birthday yesterday to my beautiful, funny, great cousin, Sara.

The actual visit to Disney World was just as I had hoped. C was in awe and he agreed the place was just as magical as his first visit at 1 year old. This time, he didn't sleep through the day :) He rode his first roller coaster, fought off crazy pirates, drove a race car, fell in friend love with Donald Duck, ate yummy pizza - Disney World style, and had just a great time.

Leaving Disney World - our family convo...

Mommy: Colin, what was your FAVORITE ride at Disney World?
Daddy: Was it the BIG roller coaster, buddy?
Colin: in a dreamy voice just waiting for our question... The Monorail.

I know I don't work for Mr. Mouse, but I am a walking promotion 24/7. I can't help it, I truly love the Magic Kingdom.

And for the MOST annoying part of our vacay. I do want to explain first... I am truly a cheap, cheap person. I can't help it. I am my mother's daughter. I can't spend money - ok I can - but on stuff that I KNOW I could get cheaper, I just can't do it.

Allow me to explain, our five star condo in Orlando. How much was it you ask? How about $1 for the ENTIRE week ($216 after taxes). Yes folks, we were in the 2 bedroom villa. Check it out.
Disney tickets? $22.50 each. How you ask, stupidity I answer. We were one of the idiots that happily agreed to do a timeshare talk. NEVER AGAIN. It's amazing how NICE people are when you arrive and how RUDE they turn out to be.

Westgate Villas in Orlando - DON'T BUY THERE and don't go there. It isn't worth any amount of anything. Even cheap Disney tickets. I will say this, I HATED it. I wouldn't buy there if it was only $1. I wouldn't stay there if it was only $1. I am not that cheap.

So my first vacation post. No pictures because I haven't even opened my lap top since I got home. I'll try to get some up tonight. Then I will bore you with every magical detail - ok not so much. I'll just get some pictures up :)


Kristina P. said...

Well, I was going to say that it sounded like a fabulous trip, but apparently the money you spent wasn't worth it.

I guess I'll stay away from timeshares!

Mary said...

Awww, can't wait for pictures! I heart Disney.