Monday, October 6, 2008

Crafts and Antiques

So yesterday my sister and mother-in-law joined me at some craft fair far, far away! I didn't get anything but food :( - It was very sad walking out empty handed.

On our way home, we stopped at an Antique store and I found the greatest candle holder ever! It came with yellow berries and a cream candle. The holder was also cream. I took a little trip last night to buy spray paint and I got to work. I sprayed the berries black (it is Halloween) and I sprayed the candle holder black as well. Tonight, I'm distressing the little thing and it'll be good to go. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm also going to find an orange candle for festivities sake and it'll be all set!

I now have a confession. I'm obsessed with spray paint. It may have been the fumes but I found myself running all through the house last night trying to find something to "redo" black!!! I realized I had a problem when I was on a chair looking at my kitchen light trying to figure out how to take it down, spray paint it and put it back up all before Justin got home to see what I did. Is there a support group out there? SPA - Spray Painters Anonymous?

So now I'm looking into projects that require spray paint. Do you have any???
I may be too distracted to post pictures from our weekend in NY!! haha. But we did have a great time! The new cabin is really nice and tucked in the woods. We went to an Amish auction, took long naps and fed some fish at the hatchery. In fact, little Colin stayed with my parents for an extended vacay. I miss him terribly and called last night to ask them to come home early! This is only his second time away from us since his birth and I'm hating every second. It doesn't help when I call and he is eating more than ever, playing harder than ever and having the best time EVER... Blah.. He's grounded when he gets home.
Vacation countdown: we leave this weekend... I'm hoping the gas situation in the south is over so we can stop and see my Grandpa in South Carolina. I should check on that, huh?!


Mary said...

I'm so jealous you get to go to the cabin ALL the time!!! It was 91 freakin' degrees here over the weekend. Yuck! Post pictures!!

On another note - I packed my cord that connects my camera to my computer, so I can't upload anything. Doh!

Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a great project!