Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here we come

Florida.... ready or not, here we come!

We just booked our family vacation. I know we go to Orlando every year, I know we stay at the same resort every year and I know we do the same things every year - but really, we can't help ourselves.

We LOVE Disney World. Nana and Papa moved to Florida when I was in 4th grade. I went to visit them every year over spring break until they moved to Ohio. It was the best! I got to see my great uncle and great aunt and a few distant cousins while I was there too. Papa would cut my morning waffle in little pieces, making sure syrup and butter were on every bite, even when I was 17. They took me shopping, we ate at Chili's (Ch-Ch-Chili's), made up crazy songs, played cards, rode bikes, and went to every park around! My favorite childhood memories are at Disney with Nana and Papa.

Really, this trip reminds me of my Papa and I look forward to going every year because it is as close to him as I can get... I still see him sitting on the bench at the exit of Space Mountain, drinking his coffee and beaming as if he just rode with me! He always asked "Did you like it, Mitsubishi" (we always were jealous that we couldn't talk in different languages so we called each other Mitsubishi while we were at Disney).

Well now that I'm crying, I'm going to Disney... again.

And even though Nana can't get on the internet and Papa already knows this from heaven - I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with me for 7 days every year and never complaining - not even once. You took me everywhere I wanted to go, ate whatever I asked for, and did it with a smile. Even though I gave you an "aching back" and feet - you always begged me to come back.

I showed Colin pictures of Mickey and Disney World last night. Seriously, the little guy was up until almost 11 talking about it in his bed! I am going to rent some Disney movies tonight to get him in the mood!

I know I could be a personal tour guide at the park, but does anyone have any secrets they can share? We are doing the breakfast at the castle the day we go to Disney - but so far that's our only plan!

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