Monday, September 15, 2008


We have twins. Colin is the proud parent of "Sharky" and "John Deere" - his goldfish. He is so excited! He wakes up and says "Good morning, I'm Colin." He pulls his little chair to the counter to see them and freaks out when he asks if we fed them.... Oh no, I hope Justin did.. oops. I have this fear of not feeding babies and animals. I had nightmares when I was pregnant that I would forget to feed the baby (Colin) and it was because I always forgot to feed Vegas. I analyzed my own dreams and figured out that one!!!

Anyway, I was away on my shopping trip (the longest day ever... But it was a lot of fun. My wonderful momma got me a beautiful new coach purse for my birthday - it's not until next month - she told me I had to open an empty box and act surprised - I love that woman)... Ok so back to my fabulous story, I was shopping and Justin said they were going to get fish. He spent the day with his mom (Diane, did you say "buy it" when he wanted two? haha) and I came home to a BIG fish tank on my kitchen counter. I'm not too thrilled since it's too heavy to move. But Colin loves these fish and so I pretend I think they are beautiful. I think I'll appreciate them more when they are out of my kitchen.

I'd attach pictures of Sharky and John Deere, but they are gold fish and we all know what they look like.


Mary said...

How cute! Hey, I want pics! A boy's first fish are an important milestone. :) Don't even ask how many fish we've had to flush...sorry, was that morbid?

The Canterbury Family said...

Not morbid at all!

I will get a picture of them and post asap!

He is so excited so I guess you are right - I need to document his first fish before I have to flush them!!!