Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Colin the comedian

I called Nana today on my lunch break today to check on Colin.

She told me a funny little story...

Nana: Colin, it's almost time for your nap.
Colin: I don't want to take a nap.
Nana: You have to take one, you are tired.
Colin: But my room is scary.
Nana: It's not scary in there. That's Papa's old room - it isn't scary.
Colin: The room is scary, Nana. Your face is scary, man. Take it off and put on a new one.

Nana tells me this story and is laughing wondering where her "honey boy" came up with that one and he is dying laughing as she recites his words.. He was saying "ha, Nana I said your face was scary"

Needless to say, I let the two of them have their giggle fest and I hung up. I really miss my little guy while I am at work but I'm glad he has such a dedicated team of grandparents to dote on his every sentence (and help potty train him). Really, between GG, Grandpa, Nana, Grandma and Grandpa Rick all in town, we have one spoiled little boy. He's so lucky.

Here are some funny Colin-isms -

* When he knows he is in some trouble, he'll end a sentence with dude or man because it makes us laugh.
* When he is in trouble, he starts singing the "ABCD's" for me because I break down - he really does have a beautiful voice. I'm trying to tell him breaking into song won't help his cause, but he's no dummy :)
* Grandma Diane says "Who loves ya baby" and he yells "Gwamma"
* If we say "O-H" he knows to follow it with "I-O" - a true buckeye.
* When I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do (everything) - he always says "don't say that word, momma"
* Blocks (fruit snacks - they are all blocks thanks to the Lego looking ones)
* cheese toast (grilled cheese)
* Toast (waffles)
* Panpakes (pancakes)
* samich (sandwich)

We were driving in the car about a week ago and he said some terrible words his cousin Megan taught him (shut up).. Justin was very stern and told him that was not nice and not to say it again. Colin, in the sweetest tone ever, says "ok dadda, I say it nice - shut up, please." - Our parenting needs help - we just laughed but he hasn't said it since!

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OhioFamOf4 said...

That story was cute!

I'm Lisa's neighbor, Heather. I haven't been checking her blog since I know she's gone, but then today I thought "no, Lisa's probably got something up her sleeve." Sure enough. I should have known. So nice of you to do that for her.