Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank you, Fireman Sam


Before I start, I thought I'd tell you a little something about my little guy. He loves Fireman Sam the cartoon. We pass a Fire station every day and he always yells "do you see that, mama?"

So my sister made some cupcakes during the afternoon for our hometown heroes! We packed up our families and headed for a visit right after dinner.

Wow!!! That is about all Colin can say to sum up the visit. The firemen slid down the pole, let him "drive" the fire engine and even hunk the horn. The men were beyond sweet. I hope they know how much we appreciate them.

I swear I have hundreds of pictures of the evening. BUT I'm running out the door for a day at IKEA and the outlet mall (in the rain, with Nana and my mother)... If you've ever been shopping with the two of them, you'll understand why I can't make a decision - and why I buy stuff, bring it home to see it in "natural lighting" and then I end up returning it - oh wish me luck!

The picture above is Colin staring up at the flag. It is one of my favorites from yesterday.

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