Friday, September 12, 2008

Too funny

So I am supposed to be driving to IKEA and the outlet mall. It's 9:06am and we were supposed to leave at 8am. The reason I'm still here you ask? My mom. She just got out of the shower... haha. Oh and how do you go shopping without your purse? Good question, I'll let you know. I left it sitting on my island because I was in a rush to be here by 8am...

So that brings me to my blog. I was looking through my dad's pictures on his lap top and found a few that I thought were too funny not to post! I now know what goes on here on Wednesdays when I'm at work..

My mom said Colin wants Grandpa to hold him in the morning but my dad wants to read the paper, so he puts him on his shoulders so they both are happy...

I just liked this one of Colin in dad and mom's pool
- Deb's finally ready - time: 9:19am... not bad :)

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