Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TAG... You're it

These are so fun (ok not really but I'm trying to be an upbeat poster)

I am: tired of ugly looking cupcakes - just made some and they look TERRIBLE - but my muffins look yummy
I need: sleep
I know: how grateful I am for my family
I want: to grow old with my husband and hold my grandkids in 25 years.
I have: a wonderful little boy.
I dislike: fish
I miss: my family and friends... and chicken finger subs
I fear: losing someone close to me
I feel: lonely -- J is working 2 hours away and it is hard when he is working
I hear: the tv
I smell: cupcakes and muffins I just made
I cry: way too often
I usually: clean up my kitchen after baking... but I'll leave that as a surprise for my man when he gets home from work in the morning!!!
I search: the internet for nothing - and waste HOURS doing it...
I wonder: if the garbage men will take my recycling since I didn't separate it... I'm a loser.
I regret: no regrets
I love: my husband, son and entire family, yummy food, fall, fall, fall
I care: about everything - almost to a fault
I always: wake up in a good mood
I worry: about my childhood friends going off to war...again
I am not: great at follow-through and remembering stuff
I remember: my Papa's laugh and smile
I believe: I will see Papa again someday
I dance: in the car to Colin's bible cd
I sing: totally off key
I don't always: cook dinner
I argue: when I am passionate about something
I write: to do lists and never complete them
I win: if J isn't playing :)
I lose: if J is playing
I wish: on stars
I listen: to hear C sing while he is playing.. especially twinkle winkle and who built the ark
I don't understand: why people can be intentionally mean.
I can usually be found: in Target.
I am scared: of being home alone - should really be over that one, but I'm not.
I need: to do turbo jam. I kinda miss the "freestyle" haha.. that's for you, Lisa.
I forget: everything.
I am happy: when my husband is home safe after the LONG drive home from work, just looking at my little boy, getting a call when I'm super bored, watching the leaves change colors, when my house is super spotless and I didn't lift a finger (this would be another hint headed J's way), really most things make me happy - except a toddler that thinks it is a great idea to change his own diaper - at nap time - when I'm sleeping on the couch -

I tag:
Lisa and Mary - my bloggin idols

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