Thursday, September 11, 2008

Land of the Free - Home of the Brave

It's hard to forget 9/11/01.

I was babysitting. I had a little baby on my lap when my cell phone rang. My friend Ashley told me to turn on the Today show. As I changed the channel, I saw the second plane hit.

I called my family and Papa answered the phone. He didn't even know anything happened and he immediately turned on the tv. When Mallory (the mother) returned home she was in shock. I remember running across the street and Papa was pacing in the garage. You could see the look of fear in his eyes.

I went to the restaurant where I used to work because Justin was managing the place that morning. Ashley and I sat in a booth and stared at the tv for the entire day. I was so proud when Justin got rid of a table of women that were so glad they got out of work for the day.

I remember the American pride that followed for months. Every car had a flag on the bumper, homes across America were decorated in red, white and blue. Drive through your neighborhood today and tell me how many flags are hanging (well tomorrow - the flag comes with instructions to hang it today)... You get my point. I still fly my American flag 6 days a week (we're Buckeye fans - Saturdays the American flag takes a break in the name of football)... But you get my point.

I'm not trying to start controversy, I'm just really proud to be an American. Today, remember the men and women who are fighting for us, will fight for us and already spent time fighting for us. We are very lucky to live in the land of the free. God Bless America.


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Well thanks sista... Funny - we both blogged the same today.. haha.. We are crazy twins separated by a brother and 6 years...

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Love, it, Katie. We posted the same picture!